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New Member Post - Shadow Council
RP Server of World of Warcraft

User: shadow_council (posted by mystic_wings)
Date: 2006-06-17 01:59
Subject: New Member Post
Security: Public
Level 27 Night Elf Druid, Member of WarForce guild.

I got introduced to WoW last December when my boyfriend downloaded a free trail of it. I once swore I would never play internet games because I had grown up with dail-up (I no longer suffer such a horror). I thought this game would be one of those silly things he would get into for a bit & than go back to playing DoDS or COD2.
I was wrong...
I got sucked in after seeing a night elf poof into kitty. I love cats & I have always thought of myself as one in spirit. So I ended up creating my first night elf druid (Kuroneko) on the Draka server. She is level 28 right now. Needless to say after our 10 days were up, my boyfriend, his brother, & I pooled our money to buy a full copy, & his aunt was nice enough to pay for our subscription...
I ended up on the Shadow Council server because of the War Force Clan. It's an online gaming clan my boyfriend has been a part of for a while now & I had been wanting to join. I found out they had a guild on Shadow Council, & I made my second night elf druid, Toraneko.
I own the WoW Atlas, & I'm going to buy the artbook soon. I was considering getting one of those "official" guides, but they are probably out of date already & I use thottbot for everything anyway. I do have a website in the works, but it's not done yet.

& now for some humor... This is my very own:
You Know You Spend Too Much Time on WoW When...
you own the atlas.
you consider getting one of those "official" game guides even though you know it's probably already out of date.
you change your homepage to Thottbot.
you make a website devoted to your WoW character.
you spend over 8 hours straight online playing.
those 8 hours are during the night/morning & you didn't get any sleep.
you consider going back on after finally getting off after those 8 hours.
you consider getting the artbook.
you make your own WoW wallpaper.
the wallpaper features your character(s).
you can't wait for Blizzard to release the ep.
you already preordered your copy. (ok so not yet)
you know the meaning of "my night elf is mining".
you get confused or upset because you can't walk through people in real life.

=WFC= 4 Life
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User: asai
Date: 2006-06-17 10:57 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Toraneko, ka? Kyomi no aru. ^^
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