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Gorthmog's Backstory - Shadow Council
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The Proletarian Grump posting in Shadow Council
User: shadow_council (posted by thedalekemperor)
Date: 2006-03-29 01:39
Subject: Gorthmog's Backstory
Security: Public
Here's a little out of character update on my character Gorthmog, the level 49 orc shaman. I finally got around to typing up the backstory I created for him, and if you're interested at all you can find it as the only public entry to my journal, here.

Typically I found myself RPing with my troll mage Tor'glurin most of the time, and mostly levelling Gorthmog. However, after reading the "Lord of the Clans" novel about Thrall, I was inspired to write up Gorthmog's backstory. If you have any criticisms or comments on it, feel free to do so. I've yet to edit it, as I find I miss most of the mistakes when I edit my own work so soon after writing it.

Edit: I'm placing Gorthmog's age at about 70, which from the sources I've been using, makes him an old, but not excessively old, orc. It also fits in with the timeline of the wars. However, feel free to let me know if you have some other source with conflicting information on the amount of time that passed in the Warcraft timeline.
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