I just joined Shadow Council a month or so ago..spent a long time on Moonguard..but since moved over here and I really seem to like it over here..

well, if you happen to come across

Ashleylynn---Draenei hunter---main char--right now approaching level 20..

Ashleelynn--Night Elf druid--back up char

so, if you come across them in your travels feel free to wave..

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Hello all :)

Been playing WoW for about four months now, and really loving the RP server Shadow Council. Made some amazing friends with my current level 44 Human Warlock. I'm always looking for more people to RP with (so much so that we've created an LJ comm for outside-WoW rping!!)

Look me up if you're on and want to RP! I'm usually on daily. :)


I just joined, so I should probably introduce myself. My name is Jett, I've been on the Shadow Council server for about two months now. My actual play time is around 26 hours. I have a level 27 Undead Priest named JettMicheyl. I'm always bouncing back and forth between continents, and I'm always willing to help lower level characters as best I can. I'm a level 115 tailor, I believe, so I can make some decent cloth armor for lower level characters. I try to pop on for at least a couple hours each day, which means sometimes I take my computer box with me to my boyfriend's house on the weekends ^_^ It's okay, he plays too.

I'll be lurking! :D For the Horde!!
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Any horde rpers?

I went searching for a WoW rp community on LJ and found this. I've been playing for over a year and a half but the account I'm on now is fairly new (this is the third account and the first that's actually mine :P). On one account I was on Shadow Council and had a level 35 undead mage but eventually deleted her when my friend decided he wanted to start playing again. I have a level 24 undead priest now but all of the people I rped with are more than likely at 60 and probably don't remember me, and I can't really recall their names anyway. ^_^;
I was on Llane for quite a while when my current account was new, but want to get back into rping again, since I've gotten bored with just leveling/questing on it's own.

So any players with horde characters around level 22-26 that want to meet up in-game? My priest's name is Seldette. Just /w her if you want to. :)
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New & Seeking RPers

Hey all. I'm new to this community. Been playing WoW for a few months now, and I'm looking for someone/a group of someones to roleplay with (on Shadow Council, obviously). I'm also up for grinding, instances, battlegrounds, etc., just about anything. Here are my characters, just send me a /w whenever you want! My alts were just supposed to be for banking and tradeskilling, but I'm getting a bit attached, so they may end up being leveled, too. Feel free to contact them for leveling or roleplaying as well.

Kaaylia - Level 30 Female Night Elf Druid (main character & roleplayer)
Nevermohr - Level 12 Female Night Elf Rogue (gathering professions alt)
Asara - Level 5 Female Gnome Mage (banking and AH alt)

Being a college student, I don't always have tons of time to play, and I occasionally disappear for a week or so, but I'm attached to the game, so there's no fear of me dropping it. Please, contact me in game, I'd love to meet you!

Also, are there any WoW roleplaying communities on LJ? Thought that might be interesting as well.

Thanks all, see you in-game.
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Im new to the community so i thought id introduce myself. Im Jenn:) i havent been playing WOW long, only about 3 months. My boyfriend has been playing it for year and i always thought it was lame and weird. They had a refer a friend thing going on so he sent me a link and i downloaded it. I started playing and im not a WOW addict lol. The quests can be fun but the hard ones he helps me with which its easier because we live together so he can help me better then he can with people online. i have a few characters, im mostly on Shadow Council. Heres a list:
Main: Mihellia 22 human female warlock Shadow Council
2nd Main: Aurorana 12 night elf female druid Aggramar
Others: Gingergeri 6 human female priest Shadow Council
Maddelyn 7 human female mage Shadow Council
Mooshfoot 5 tauren male shamen Illidan

(no subject)

so...i've been away for a while (playing with a bunch of friends on Ursin) but am thinking of coming back.
A: what have i missed? (parties, movies, or anythign similar)
B: what is recomended for someone who is bored of the alliance (class/race and guild)
C: how bad is the economy horde side?

yours in WoW,
fortune cookie


Right, so...I've played on Shadow Council for a loong time. It was the first server I ever played on, now that I think of it. I just found this community (thanks to a google search) and figured it's only fitting I join! I play a 32 NE Druid named Lunaeris. I also play a slew of alts, and I'm currently thinking of rerolling as a mage (I reroll a lot.)

Anyways, I just thought I'd introduce myself. Hope to see some of you in game!
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New maintainer needed.

Who wants the job? This community is quite unused, so there's really nothing to do. However I've fully retired from WoW so I want to pass the torch on to someone else. Any volunteer is fine. ^^